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Annual Bee Beard Competition

July 2016 

Rain date Sat.? at 2:30pm

Admission: $12.99/person (+tax)

Group of 5: $1 off each (+tax)


Worldwide Bee Beard Competition! (11th Annual)


Welcoming Competitors from across the Globe. This year we welcome Boaz Ben Zeev, from Israel.


There are four teams of competitors. Each team includes a bee beard growing beekeeper, and a bee whisperer who grooms the bees into a stylish beard.


Each team goes into their own bee beard tent with their very own beehive to work with.  The crowd watches safely from outside the tent. After 20 minutes, the timer ends and the teams gather on the stage to be weighed. The contestants with the beards perform a dance on the catwalk in front of the crowd full of their friends and families.


Two judges determine who dances and struts their bee beard the best on the catwalk.  The Bee Beard Champion is picked by the judges, and a Crowd Favourite award chosen by the people.


$2500 is donated to the champion’s favourite charity, $2000 to the Crowd Favourite's charity of choice, and a $500 Consolation Prize to the other two contestant's chosen charities.


Afterwards, the crowd of “Admirers/Don’t Wanna-Bees" are encouraged to have their photo taken beside their favourite contestant.


This is the first year we will try a Friday evening event, which starts at 7 pm. The Adventure farm will be open with family fun untill 9 pm if the event runs on the Friday Evening as planned.


In case of inclement weather, the competition will be postponed to 2:30 pm the following day to accommodate international guests.





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